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Good Morning World! How to Start the day right

January 30, 2015 No comments yet


I am the first to admit I am NOT a morning person. I have inherited a bit of my father’s notorious ‘bumble hour’ (don’t talk to him for at least an hour after waking up and before 3 strong coffees) thankfully balanced with my mother’s ability to jump out of bed at 5 am ready to debate the most recent issue discussed on Radio 4. I have managed to find a morning routine that works for me, that ensures I am spiritually ‘plugged in’ at the start of the day so my day flows peacefully and joyfully.

Here are some suggestions for how to transform your wake up call:

1) Wake up naturally.
‘Groan!’ I hear you say as I know this doesn’t always work out if you have a job to get to rather than being self-employed. In which case, a daylight alarm is a great idea. If you are needing 12 alarm clocks that sound like hysterical scarecrows strewn around your room to have a hope of getting up, then you are seriously sleep deprived and must commit to getting to bed earlier, my friend.

2) Before getting out of bed, drop the temptation to check emails, social media and start frantically planning your day and instead make your first move connecting with Source (Universe/Life Force/Higher Power) through gratitude and prayer (if this makes you balk, I understand: see my blog on ‘The G-word’ and remember my philosophy is to go with what works).

– Take 10 deep breaths feeling your belly expand as you breathe in and fall as you breathe out. This gets you to be present and helps clear stale air from your sleepy body.

– Say thank you for another day of life. I know it’s not fun to think about but one day will be your last and heck you have another day to live in this beautiful, crazy world!

– Think of at least 5 things you are grateful for and invoke the feeling of gratitude while focusing on these things. Some examples may be: your comfortable bed and soft clean sheets (you really miss those when you’re backpacking around india); the amusing dreams you had (what a fascinating mind you have!); your eyes that see the world’s beauty; the people in your life who love you; the yummy breakfast you are about to enjoy…

– Make an offering of yourself (your thoughts, words, actions, hopes and dreams) to the Universe and ask to be guided in lightness and ease to the highest good for all. One of my faves is to say, ‘May all who meet me or think of me today know they are loved.’ It leaves you feeling all warm inside.

– Play your favourite (preferably cheesy) morning song. I suggest not playing banging house music (sorry to my husband who will happily listen to house music constantly, even in his sleep) but consider something that inspires you rather than pounding your senses. I love ‘Morning has broken’ by Cat Stevens; ‘Carries on’ by Ed Sharpe (I have included a link at the end, this song always makes me smile!) and ‘My Sweet Lord’ by George Harrison. Great soul music!

– Drink at least 500ml water to get your system going and hydrate. Make a cup of warm water with lemon and fresh ginger or mint leaves for hydrating and cleansing, especially important if your liver needs a boost.

–  As you eat breakfast, sit down. You may like to read some inspiring books and write in your journal. Write down things that are worrying you, or about your feelings, ideas and intentions. I know some people find this really weird. Know this is not just a ‘Dear Diary’ teenage girl exercise. There are plenty of studies to show the benefits of getting it down on paper versus it swimming around your head. A little bit of science there.

– Meditate. Depending on where you are at in your life you may like to start with 1-2 minutes of just sitting still with your eyes closed and focusing on your breathing. Note it is normal to find this uncomfortable at first. Try my guided meditation that you received when you signed up. Aim to build up to 20-30 minutes.

– Do some exercise to get your body moving and the blood pumping. Yoga and swimming suit me best. It’s essential to find something you enjoy. Mmmm I love squats.

– Take a shower or bath and let the water clean your body and energy field for a new day. It’s not just about cleaning your body, it helps clear stagnant emotions too.

However crappy you feel when you wake up, by the end of this you will always feel dramatically better, even if you are going through a tough time.

I would just love you to try even just a couple of these and see how it changes your life. Let me know how it goes.

Dr Fleur


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