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Does the life you are living reflect who you are?

If you feel like something is missing, you are probably right.

Do you struggle with finding work that feels fulfilling? Insecurity that ruins your love life, again and again? Financial fears dominating your daily life? Physical symptoms that lead you into despair and helplessness? Addiction to anticipating the future? Is it hard to love and accept yourself, even delight in yourself, just as you are? Are you always thinking about other people and their needs?

As tempting as it is to think a new job, new car, more money, a bit of plastic surgery, or… might be that “something” that is missing, you may already know that these fixes don’t deliver lasting benefits. The journey is an inward one. There lies your treasure.

Some of these you can change, some you cannot. Please know that you don’t need to rely on valium or alcohol to manage these challenges – the important thing is how you relate to them.

By healing myself and through my experiences with many clients, I have developed an approach that can be adapted to any life or health situation. Each person I work with is unique, and so will be the treatment you and I create together.

My studies in Mind Body Medicine, Meditation, Nutrition and yoga – coupled with other practices and tools I have learned over the years – enable me to listen first, discuss with you, and then create a programme for transformation and ongoing maintenance.

You will receive emotional, spiritual and nutritional support from me that will enable you to one day look back on this struggle and be grateful, as impossible as that may sound right now. I promise you, there is hope, no matter how hopeless you may feel. I’ve been there. I really get it in a way most others just cannot. You are not alone.

I would love to help you feel joyful and develop a way of living that draws from your knowledge of Science and Soul.

Here are some of the ways you can change your life: