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Science without soul is like a world without colour. We need both to thrive.

This is not something I learned from my years at Medical School or my work as an MD, however.

My real training came in the form of finding my own way back to health from not just one, but multiple chronic illnesses. I really know what it feels like to grieve so much, to navigate the ever changing landscape of life when facing so many difficult symptoms, to feel afraid it will never change, to lose trust in life and your body. Knowing you are not the only one facing this pain is healing in itself. And there is so much you can do to help yourself.

If, like I once was, you are battling any stress-related symptoms like fatigue, tension, pain, insomnia, anxiety, fear, burnout… or you are struggling with chronic illnesses like autoimmune disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lyme Disease… then I invite you to challenge what you have been taught and how you have been diagnosed.

I want to teach you a new way to live where you thrive thanks to your knowledge and application of science and soul.