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Science without soul is like a world without colour. We need both to thrive.

This is not something I learned from my six years of medical school, however.

It is what I discovered when I fell seriously ill. In my desperation, I began to study other approaches to healing and wellness because the medicine I knew so well offered me no possibility of a full recovery.

If, like I once was, you are battling any stress-related symptoms like fatigue, tension, pain, insomnia, anxiety, fear, burnout… then I invite you to challenge what you have been taught and how you have been diagnosed.

I want to teach you a new way to live where you thrive thanks to your knowledge and application of science and soul.

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My approach to treating and working with my clients is a combination of Science and Soul. The science was built on a strong foundation of six years of medical school and then two additional years working as a Doctor in hospital departments and general practice. Thanks to the rigorous training, I became fiercely attached to scientific logic and reason as the only appropriate filters to use in making my decisions, recommendations to others, and in shaping my view of the world.

At the end of those two years – when I was about to start my specialty training – I became seriously ill.

Disappointingly, it felt to me like the medical system “shrugged its shoulders”… and I was utterly lost.

At that difficult time, my world view and training in science had little more to offer me than rest and the prospect of anti-depressants to cope with the despair that goes with being so ill. This was a dark, lonely time that I now know was the dark night of my soul.

With my decision to try new and different approaches for healing myself, I was first drawn to yoga because of the peace it afforded me. My years of “living in my head” and relying on my thinking to solve everything had made me one busy-headed person. Through repeated study and practice of yoga, I accepted that the busy-ness of my mind was wreaking havoc on my body by triggering the stress response in my nervous system which made it impossible for my body to heal.

This awareness allowed me to approach many practitioners, and what they taught I sucked up like a sponge. I learned from Holistic Doctors, Chinese Doctors, Kinesiologists, Nutritional Therapists, Life Coaches, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Reiki Masters, NLP Practitioners, Yogis, Osteopaths, Craniosacral Therapists, Hypnotherapists, Cognitive Behavioural Therapists, Psychotherapists and many more fascinating methodologies.

As I responded to these approaches, it became clear that my illness was all about stress. When I began to notice substantial improvement in my physical and mental health, it was because my stress was being reduced which enabled my body to restore its own balance.

Causes of stress for some people may be predominantly nutritional, as in the case of people who are sensitive to gluten. Take out the gluten and they will begin to feel much better. For some it will be misaligned posture which puts strain on the body systems by affecting nerve supply to important organs. For most people there is an excess of fear and unprocessed feelings which cause the “busy head” syndrome we are all too familiar with at one time or another. (How many times have you checked emails today?)

Because my health and wellbeing benefited from a diverse, bespoke approach, I decided that rather than limit my clients to one healing modality I would strive to understand as much as possible about as many as possible. My approach looks at overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This sets me apart from many practitioners and allows a broader vision so no area is left unaddressed. It also allows me to put my clients in touch with relevant specialists.

Being ill for so many years gave me time to reflect, to watch other people, to meditate on what it was all about. I believe that illness of the body is a cry for help from your deeper being. If you don’t listen to the whispers, the cries will get ever louder. I realised that my happiness was mostly related to my ability to accept my current circumstances, to dive into my feelings whether they felt good or not, and to cultivate gratitude. Expecting a joyful future helps too.

Every client I have is unique because we humans are complicated. The symptoms may be similar, but we each have different pathways to healing and discovering our own peace, relaxation and wellness.

That’s how I can help. I can help you work out what you need to live your healthiest, happiest life.